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Off to Boston

It’s a great honor to be invited to the IBM Leadership Alliance Conference at Boston. So I’m a bit nervious. But I’ve some great news to share with other Partners and IBM about OpenNTF and the next big thing.
When I’m back, is a heavy loaded week planed. There are several topics to finish:

  1. Some IP Stuff for the next big thing
  2. Review and update our IBM Cconnections backup concept
  3. find the price plan for our new serivce that we will offer at WebGate and do some planing stuff for the lauch event
  4. And hopefully a lot of coding

As you see a lot of things to cover, so my investigations in a buildserver has to wait until the weekend, but I hope that I can do some tutorials about the webgate ninja style.

PS: Writing blogs with my IPad on the airport is less fun then coding on the airport with my macbook

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OpenNTF Webinar 10/08/13: The Power of XPages Extensibility

My first webinar as OpenNTF chairman. What a great honor.

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Yes you can….

Today we will have a webinar about POI4XPages. POI4XPages is plugin that enhance and extend the XPages / XWork platform. It gives you the freedom to produce Word and Excel files direct from a application.

We are getting feedback around the globe for the plugin and it’s amazing to hear that developers use POI4XPages to deliver excellent solutions to their customers. POI4XPages is under the Apache V2 License, that means YES YOU CAN ….

  • use it in any project (see this wiki entry
  • build a solution or a product and sell this product
  • getting the source code and extend it
  • taking parts of the source code to solve a problem
  • bundle it to a new set of plugins for the XPages / XWork platform

Bundling POI4XPages to a new set of plugins? Sounds like a good idea! Stay tuned we are thinking about some thing real cool @ OpenNTF. I hope that I can blog about it this week.


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