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Message to the Participant of the German Developer Camp

A short message to the german developer camp (in german).

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What’s the Sountrack of your coding?

When you start to code, what music is in your ears? My current favorit is a german song called Augenblick from Söhne Mannheims.

What’s your favorit?

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First Swiss XPages Developer Crowd Day

Yes, it was a huge success. The Event-Room of WebGate was full of XPages Developers from Switzerland. One of the reason was, that we had the pleasure to meet Martin Donnelly and Eamon Muldon from the IBM XPages Team. The other reason is the DNA of Domino / XPages Developers. It seems that collaboration and sharing of knowledge is a key factor in this community. So we could have an open discussion across the border and boundaries of company and personal interest. During this special moment we were all only XPages Developers with a passion for good Applications.

Is it the right time to establish an event similar to XPages and Beer, which is a success around the world? Yes we think so. I’m working with several people from the Swiss XPages Developer Community to make this happen. The open discussion and the sharing of knowledge and experience was in the past a success factor and will be in the future a success factor.

Stay tuned for a next update.

I’m currently on travel. I was this week in Geneva and will be next week at the and the I would love to meet you there.

And I’m still living without my E-Mail Folders! My life is much easier.

See you!

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Offense, Defence and Special-Teams – Thats all you need in XPages!

I’m since the movie “Remember the Titans” a fan of football. A game which can only be won when the teamwork is really great. Because of lack opportunities in Switzerland, I enjoy the fact that each time when IBM Connect is, it is also Superbowl time. This time a great defence won over a good offense.

Inspired by an article of Paul Withers I try to explain a good XPages Development Team with some Football words. And football fans forgive me, I’m a swiss guy and I will never have any chance to fit the knowledge of any football fan but….

Front-End Developers / UI Developers are the Offense!

They do the brilliant stuff which makes an application shiny and intuitive. They care about the first impression. They are interested in fast response from the backend, and love to do the most of the application logic (not the business logic) in the client. They measure loading time and render time. They are great in visualisation of data and love a clear interface.

Like in football, these guys makes the points!

Back-End Developers are the Defence!

They do the hard work 🙂 because they build the API for the Front-End Developers to process the data. They care about a robust domain-object-model and a stable API. They care about the transactions to the storage and the processing of the processes. They are more interested in brilliant algorithms than any kind of UI representations.

Like in football, they are responsible that you do not lose the ground.

Interfaces, Integration and Connections – The Special-Teams

Most applications are not islands. They are integrated in business processes and depends on other system. Here comes your Special-Teams to the game. You need these guys who have a deeper understanding of the interfaces and can talk with the “guys on the other side”.

Like in football, the Special-Teams can make the difference! The last point you need to win!

In what kind of developing are you good?

PS: Next Time I write maybe about RAD and Fast-Prototyping 😉


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IBM Connections – The next AppDev Plattform?

IBM Connections is a great Plattform to bring people centrict data to a single point of storage and processing. Processing this datas with analytics and bring data, people and the work of them into relation is key to have 360 view of your employee, data and processes. But to get this view, you have to attract developers around the globe to develop applications, which use the power of IBM Connections.
But todays developers are not the same, then 5 years before. They have the power and freedom to choose that framework, which matters for them best. Thats one of the reason why we have such a large and brilliant XPages community. They love the things they can do with one of the most advanced java appdev server!
The IBM SocialBusiness Toolkit Team was wise enougth, to know these fact. And they have made the Toolkit available for a lot of different plattforms. I’m very proud that OpenNTF is the Home of the Social Business Toolkit. And the Toolkit is your key to the IBM Connections Plattform.
So join us (OpenNTF) on wednesday 10 am and learn what the Open Source Comminity for Collaboration Solutions can offer you, for your success. We also have a booth on the Solutions Showcase.


Getting nervous for IBMConnect 2014?

Yesterday evening I did my planing for the IBM Connect 2014. Not the travel, this has our travel already done, also the time before and after IBM Connect 2014 is organized. It will be a great time. Roman (CEO), Andre (COO) and Alain (Account Manager) are a good team and Roman, Andre and I will use the time after Connect to reflect what we have heard and which spirit we have felt. This will have an impact on our strategic planing.

During the planing Yesterday, I did recognize, how different this IBM Connect will be for me. My first LotusSphere in 2012 was under the sign of getting knowledge and get in touch with people from the community. In 2013 was expanding and developing of these relationships. I learned that knowing who knows it, is much more important than getting technical knowledge.

And now 2014 is under a new sign. I’m now IBM Champion and OpenNTF Chairman. I will have a Session (BP207) and a Birds of Feather Session (BOF405). And OpenNTF has a booth (308)!

Let’s see what happens.




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Deleting all folders in my mailbox! Are you kidding me?

New Year, new challenges. Since over 5 Years I’m following the stress prevention concept of a clean inbox. The idea is simple. No mails in the inbox means no problems and worry to care about.

This concept works great. But I had years ago a big time consumer implemented. I’ve introduced a folder structure. And it was a clever folder structure. Why was? Because this structure was always accurate in the moment I organized and reorganized it. But only a day after the structure was outdated, because of external influence like “New Projects” or a new situation in the company or my life.

During the last year have I try to watch my self-acting with my folders in the mailbox. Do I use them often or how do I search a particular mail or information?

I was surprised in over 90% of all my work im switching between Inbox, sent and all documents. Sort by date or by Sender and if this didn’t fit, I use the full text search. So why hurt my time with this time-consuming putting mail in to folder?

Its time to say goodbye to all my folders and welcome my new 00. DONE Folder.


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Chairman of OpenNTF

I woke up this morning an my first question was. Is it true? Really? Then I hand over to twitter and my mail account… Yes it’s true. I was yesterday nominated and elected as the new chairman of OpenNTF. A dream has become true.

OpenNTF is one of the most vibrant open source community. It’s a global, multinational and multicultural community with members in nearly each timezone of the world. My first year at the board of OpenNTF was incredible and I was surprised what a strong impact OpenNTF has.

Over a decade (I’m not quite sure in this fact) has Bruce Elgort OpenNTF developed to this strong community. It’s a great honor to follow his path and working with the directors of the board to make OpenNTF even more successful.

Thanks for all trust and credits.


Learn more about OpenNTF and the people behind.


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Breaking through the “idiot-centric” paradigm

At the “socialconnections V” I did a word creation. But to be honest, I don’t belive, that this word creation is my ownership. I call it “idiotic-centric” paradigm.

The idiotic-centric paradigm

It describes whats usually happen in a company, or an organisation, when something goes wrong. It describes our normal behavior on broken processes, wrong results and disappointing interruption.

We do first try to find the responsible person. We investigate much of our time to find the responsible “idiot” that we can blame. Instead according to the Eisenhover-Methode, we should be focused on solving the issue, because we are loosing time and the problem grows.

But is not every problem a great opportunity? Yes its annoying and disappointing, when things go wrong. In every area of my life, I learned most from my mistakes and the problems I was faced. Seeing unexpected problems (yes there are mostly unexpected) as a place to learn, a place where new heroes can be born, is a good way to challenge and engage yourself, your manager and your employees.

Breaking through the idiotic-centric paradigm is hard, because finding the idiot is much easier than solving the issue. Imagin this: There is an accident on the road. People are badly hurt or dying.  And the ambulance does  nothing but try to find the reasponsible.  A horror-scenario? Definitely, but this is our normal behavior in most situations!

See in the next problem your great opportunity to change your behavior!

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