myWebGate – Social Software Development Process – Lessons learned.

26 Jun

During the lotussphere 2012 I was inspired to build our myWebGate Framework totaly new from scratch. The powere and the energy of the ibm developers and system architects has forced me to rethink my mindset about the whole XPages technologie. But rewriting a one year old framwork, with over a hunder days of manpower investigated, to have the same new made?

A crule idea but our executive board gave us the order to do this, under the focus of training, learning and transforming our development approach. It was a great time.

Yesterday we released the version 1.1 of myWebGate. This version completes some open user stories (see the release notes here) and it also completes a very new way of working together.

Our whole myWebGate development team was at the project start something we called consulting ninijas. High skilled and very talented in any aspect of development and administration of lotus notes domino. At the project start my co-pilot Peter Luder and I decide to change the model. Not a typical vertical approach: We transformed the team to a horizontal development approach. Richard became the role of our UI Guru, Peter does the project controlling and my job was the architecture. Barbara, Arthur and Marco are focused on serveral businessprocesses in the myWebGate Framwork.

This leads us to a better teamplay. Interaction was mandatory and every piece of code we build must fit. This pressure and this model of work, has effected any discussion. Normally you would expect more inefficiency, but it was vice versa. Focussing of the core competence and the delivering of brilliant work, leads to an unexpected effort and more features in the initial release as planned. And also a lot more in release 1.1.

Learn more about myWebGate -> Read This (german) and the documentation (english).

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