POI 4 XPages is under the apache 2 licence available

10 Jan

Yesterday I received an email from our IP Manager Peter Tanner, which confirmed that POI 4 XPages is ready for the openNTF apache 2 licence catalog.

A simple message I was very excited about. Why, you may think. Here some thougths about this simple mail:

  1. Its a huge and important work:
    Peter scans every work we submit on openNTF to ensure that every content is legal and that the right people get credit fo their work.
  2. OpenSource is a contract of trust:
    As a developer of open source software, you open your “heart” and share your work with others. Your expectation is honor and respect for your work. But this works only, if you give other developers credit for their work as well.
  3. Understanding how all this different licence type can interact and work together is very hard.

Thanks Peter for your work. Your work is very important.

The apache 2 licences gives us the ability to use and reuse code and make business work.

So use POI 4 XPages in your projects, build applications and bundle POI 4 XPages in your projects. We have tried to make the installation as easy as the extlib can be installed and and we believe that you customers will be excited, when they see your output which you now can generate so easy.

And please give us feedback.

Download POI 4 XPages here


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