POI4XPages Version 1.2.4 is out

25 Sep

We have released the Version 1.2.4 of the popular POI4XPages framework. The new release contains the following new features:

1. Building Tables in Document:

The document control has a new property called tables. If a table is defined, POI4XPages will replace the existing table on the document with this new tabel. See the example how it works -> docx_document_table.xsp


2. Execute POI Actions

Since version 1.1.6 is the Apache POI API available to the programmers. But in some situations it’s needed to execute Actions with privileged access. To give you the power of this in your hand, we introduce the AbstractPOIPowerAction.

How it works? See the sample file_upload.xsp and the Java classes.

3. Export Views as CSV or Workbook

You have the view designed and need the data as CSV or Workbook? The SimpleViewExport provide this behavior.


Examines the example database. See what you can do with all the controls.

Download the project form OpenNTF.

Visit the install guide and the documentation.

Report bugs and request on GitHub.

And as always… HAVE FUN


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