Deleting all folders in my mailbox! Are you kidding me?

19 Jan

New Year, new challenges. Since over 5 Years I’m following the stress prevention concept of a clean inbox. The idea is simple. No mails in the inbox means no problems and worry to care about.

This concept works great. But I had years ago a big time consumer implemented. I’ve introduced a folder structure. And it was a clever folder structure. Why was? Because this structure was always accurate in the moment I organized and reorganized it. But only a day after the structure was outdated, because of external influence like “New Projects” or a new situation in the company or my life.

During the last year have I try to watch my self-acting with my folders in the mailbox. Do I use them often or how do I search a particular mail or information?

I was surprised in over 90% of all my work im switching between Inbox, sent and all documents. Sort by date or by Sender and if this didn’t fit, I use the full text search. So why hurt my time with this time-consuming putting mail in to folder?

Its time to say goodbye to all my folders and welcome my new 00. DONE Folder.


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3 responses to “Deleting all folders in my mailbox! Are you kidding me?

  1. Stefan Gisler

    January 19, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Bei mir gibts eine Inbox und automatisierte Mailrules für die Newsletter. Ordner habe ich auch auf dem Rechner fast alle gelöscht. Viele der Dateien müssten ja in mehreren Ordnern sein… Also benutze ich einfach die Suche und brauchbare Dateinamen. So habe ich einigermassen eine Chance. Aber ich gebe zu ich habe auch jahrelang versucht immer wieder mit Ordnern oder Kategorien im Notes eine sinnvolle Ordnung zu schaffen…

  2. Grant Osborne

    January 22, 2014 at 6:35 am

    There was an interesting study conducted by IBM on this topic.

    Click to access chi2011_refinding_email_camera_ready.pdf


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