If you use Prettier in Visual Studio Code and Angular Projects….

29 Nov

Prettier is a very cool and nice tool for Visual Studio Code. It helps me to format my code in a nice way. But a change to the core of Prettier has driving me crazy in searching for the cause…. and a solution…

I’m a fan of single quotes in my Typscript files. So TSlint is configured and Prettier is also configured to support me. But there was a change in the core of Prettier to support also .editorconfig. A file that exists in many of my Angular projects. The change in Prettiers core is now to ignore all my Visual Studio Code Settings for Prettier, once .editorconfig exists.

The good news… Prettiers support some ideas mentioned at .editorconfig’s GitHub Page. And in this particular case the new value quote_type = single. I’ve to update all my projects now… but this is a good solution to go. I hope the Angular Team will implement this setting in the creation process of a new Angular project.

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